Portrait of Hannah Prevo

Hi! My name is Hannah Prevo and I love to ice skate. I love the sport for how creative and entertaining it is.

I started skating at the age of 9 years old. I instantly fell in love with it. Ever since, I have been working hard to improve my skills and reach my goals. Testing was my first goal, reaching the highest level I could. After that was learning new tricks and pushing limits. Then was learning how to perfect everything I had learned over my 8 years of skating. That last part was and is difficult to accomplish but with enough practice it's possible. *Update* My main goal has been to professionally skate in ice shows. In the winter of 2021, my dream came true and I was picked up by Disney on Ice to skate Into the Magic! I can't go into any details but let me say that I would definitely do it all over again!

Picture of Skates

So why do I skate? I skate for many reasons but it's mainly my passion for the ice. I love the flow and rhythm I feel over my entire body. To me, skating is comprised of edges, movement, and expression. Good edge work helps create a powerful performance. Next, comes the movement of your arms, legs and fingers that adds beauty while connecting one element to the next. Finally, expression completes the story by conveying emotion to the audience. You know you've done your job when all three come together and you hear people gasp when they realize what just happened to your character.

Another reason I love skating is how you can immerse yourself in so many different parts of the sport. Whether it be entertainment, competition, dance, or my personal favorite... choreography! Have I mentioned my complete and utter enchantment of choreography? It's hard to listen to music without hearing where a jump, a spin, or twizzles have to go. And I love finding new stories to tell through my skating. I thoroughly enjoy entertaining those around me and trying to give them an experience to remember.