About Hannah Prevo

A resume or other information can be requested by cell phone at 865-233-9071 or by email at hannah@prevo.com. My name is Hannah Prevo. I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. Growing up, I've always been very active and have loved to entertain those around me. Let it be at Thanksgiving in my highchair at age 3 making my family laugh or in the store talking to employees and making them smile. I grew up in a small town where no one truly thought about ice skating being a sport to choose. I had gotten thrown into basketball for a little while but I didn't really enjoy it. I started dance classes because of my love for music and just dancing for fun. But I couldn't quite fully express myself with it the way I wanted to. At nine years old, I found my passion on the ice and never looked back.

Starting a little later than the skaters around me made me push myself to reach high levels as soon as possible. I started lessons and testing by the age of ten. The rink quickly and easily became a second home for me. The ice gave me a sense of confidence, knowing who I am, and what I wanted to be. I learned quickly that shows were the path I wanted to take, but I was lanky and very wild on the ice. This meant it was time for ballet among other dance genres. I hated ballet with a passion but I stuck to it for four long years and actually started to warm up to it. I'm so very happy that I did because it made my skating much more graceful and elegant. I also learned modern, jazz, and even tap. Later, I picked up hip hop as my favorite dance genre.

Leaving for Hockey

For several years, I was an ice girl for the SPHL's Knoxville Ice Bears. It was an awesome experience. From management to my ice crew leader, the players, staff, security, and concessions, everyone there was great to work with. I got to help with pre-game puck pickup, opening ceremony, ice prep during time-outs, in-game promotions, and performing during intermissions. I learned valuable skills like performing in front of thousands of people while avoiding Zambonis, working in a team environment, not standing to close to the wall right before players hit it, and throwing t-shirts over the safety nets at the ends of the rink!

In the winter of 2021, I finally obtained my adolescent dream to become a professional show skater! I skated my last hockey game and headed to Feld Entertainment to train for Disney on Ice's show Into the Magic. It's hard work but I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

As for other hobbies, I love to draw, paint, do character make-up, flip upside-down on aerial silks, practice Jiu Jitsu, and try new things like snowboarding, trapeze, and bobsledding. I would say I'm adventurous but only to a certain extent. I am definitely not down for trying fried spider, but I would be happy to try snorkeling around a coral reef. I enjoy making friends around me laugh and smile with my goofy dancing or silly faces.


Finally, I'd like to thank everyone that helped get me where I am now. I've had some fantastic coaches who have taught me almost as much about life as they have about skating. I've also gotten to work with many talented instructors at camps, current and former show skaters that are always ready to share tips or tricks with me, not to mention the wonderful choreographers that I've gotten to work with at ProSkaters and other camps. I can't forget to mention my dance instructors that helped me realize that I have arms and how to use them. Every one of you has been amazing!