I am currently accepting new figure skating students at all levels at Reno Ice in South Reno, Nevada. For lessons or more information, you can contact me, Hannah Prevo, by cell phone at 865-233-9071 or by email at hannah@prevo.com.

My test accomplishments include:

  • ISI
    • Dance: Level 7
    • Freestyle: Level 8
    • Dance: Pre-Gold
    • Freeskate: Novice
    • Moves in Field: Gold
    • Solo Free Dance: Gold

Some of my other accomplishments include:

  • I competed 7 years with ISI and 4 years with USFSA.
  • I was an ice girl for my home hockey team, the Knoxville Ice Bears.
  • I have also done 7 years of Nutcracker on Ice, 7 years of exhibitions, 7 years of Proskaters, 4 years of synchro, and 4 years of (G2C) Grassroots to Champions.
  • I have many years of Dance under my belt, including Ballet, Hip Hop, and Jazz.
  • I've also had 2 years of American Sign Language training.
  • My favorite accomplishment... I skated for Disney on Ice in the show Into the Magic.