Here's my show reel and a couple of my favorite videos. My complete videography can be found on my channel at I hope you enjoy them and thank you for taking the time to watch them.

My Show Reel

Hope you enjoy my show reel.

Other Featured Videos

This is my Senior Solo Free Dance program.

My Sugar Plum Fairy performance in the Knoxville Ice Chalet's 2019 Nutcracker on Ice.

OK, who doesn't love Maui and the Rock? This song is so fun to play with.

This is a little clip from my 4th day back on the ice after the quarantine. I was playing around with a bit of music and just loving the breeze on my face. It feels so great to be skating again.

Just a bit of playing around with songs that are so fun to skate to. Nothing beats a few minutes of having the ice and the music box to myself. Luck was on my side.